DATA::(2007) "WE BATTLE: All of us do. In life. In our art, for money, for freedom. For some one's attention; for a new leader; for rights; for love; for now; for yesterday. These battles create wounds that we bare on our skin and burn in our minds. They effect who we are and how we treat each other and how we look at the world; how we exist. All in an attempt to guard our own", said the soldiers.

blowjobs for jesus is the product of a series of questions we asked ourselves as the process of this piece unfolded: WHAT ARE WE? AND WHERE ARE WE GOING? Where should we WORK? What and where should our efforts be? Stuck? Break free? What is free? (Let's be real here: this is a piece dealing with shit and putting up with shit and living and improvising and looking good and acting out the fantasy of being a soldier, a rock star, a woman... a study on RECLAIMING THE PIMP!)

Performed by: Rachel Mckinstry and Liz Riga

Photo Credit: Clay Patrick McBride